Ideal for Grilling, Cooking and Smoking

Ideal for Grilling, Cooking and Smoking

With the BillyOh Full Drum BBQ, you can direct grill cook and indirectly smoke cook at the same time. Something which we believe to be unique. In fact, we think you’ll easily be able to achieve impressive results with this barrel barbecue when preparing your barbecue food, which could have an authentic, smoky taste. And, with the large cooking area of 57 x 29cm you could easily treat your family and friends to a delicious feast they are unlikely to forget.

Either fill the chamber with wood chips, such as hickory, cherry, oak and apple. Or, pull in the smoke from the side chamber for indirect smoke cooking. But remember, this may take longer to prepare your food, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Ultimate Cooking Control

Thanks to an integrated thermometer you can find out when you have reached the best cooking temperature. And you can ensure you are maintaining a regular cooking temperature throughout your barbecue. Something that can be regulated through the included ventilation holes on the side chamber. This can be adjusted by adjusting the chimney of the garden barbecue smoker which allows you to control the amount of smoke inside the chamber.

Ultimate Cooking Control
Convenient Barbecuing

Convenient Barbecuing

With quick and easy assembly, in no time you can be using this trolley barbecue to entertain and feed your friends. Included with the barbecue are a front and bottom shelf. This is ideal for storing things you may need for your barbecue. For instance, spices, ingredients, utensils, a cooking apron, gloves and more.

And, thanks to the two wheels, the barbecue is durable and mobile. Perfect if you have multiple seating areas in your garden, or if you are looking to store it someplace else when it is not in use. However, we recommend protecting it with a barbecue cover to ensure it is in top condition, ready to be used when the sun appears again.

2 Bonus BBQ E-Books with Meat and Vegetarian Recipes Included

As a bonus gift when you purchase any of our barbecues, you’ll receive 2 fantastic BBQ E-Books which feature separate meat and vegetarian recipes, which you will receive via email. These are perfect for cooking on your new barbecue!

2 Bonus BBQ E-Books with Meat and Vegetarian Recipes Included
Assembled Dimensions 116cm x 105.5cm x 51.5cm
Width 116cm
Depth 51.5cm
Height 105.5cm
Cooking Area 57cm x 29cm
Cooking Grid 28.5x30.3
Charcoal Grid 40x30
Small Grill 30x27
Cooking Height 75cm
Bottom Shelf 54x32.5
BBQ Finish Black
Fuel Charcoal
Additional BBQ Features Side Table
Heat Indicator Yes
Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.